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A Brief History Of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Twenty chapters, 266 pages, selected images, appendices, and references.

This book tells the real story of how this City came to be.

I loved your Fair Oaks Ranch history. Could not put it down ... felt honored to live here, full of pride. Loved the chapter titles ... so insightful and funny at the same time. Great stuff!
DT-Fair Oaks Ranch Resident
Gary, you can be very proud of your accomplishment in writing the book about FOR, but even more proud of your significant contributions to making it all happen.  I  feel proud to know [you and Donna as] key players who worked long and hard to create our city of Fair Oaks Ranch. Thank you both  for helping with all that and for your magnificent work writing Vision to Reality that lets all of us know and understand the exciting details of how our city came to be.
CB-Fair Oaks Ranch Resident


Piper Plus Publications

Fair Oaks Ranch: The History

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This official history of the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, provides the first in-depth look at how this City began and how it achieved its phenomonal success.

Many articles have been written about this Camelot Community but none have ventured to the very beginning. This book delves into the depth needed to show how a dedicated and committed group of residents banded together to make this sought after community become what its developer envisioned.

The research and writing effort has been sanctioned by the City. The publication honors the City's 25th anniversary in 2013. The book covers everything about the City and the region - from its geography and early inhabitants to its current status as one of the most desirable places to live or raise children in the Texas Hill Country.

Once a 5,000 acre ranch considered too far from San Antonio to support development, it has become an example of how to form and establish a community with a government that excels in being what a government should be - there when needed and gone all other times.

266 pages with illustrations that provide some visual references. You can read a section of the early part of the book HERE.

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SPECIAL NOTE: If you wish to save the shipping costs, this book is available at the City Office for the same price as on this website. Do Not order through this website if you intend to pick up a copy at the City or you will incur shipping charges. Click HERE for the City's website and information on obtaining a copy.