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The working title for this book is Footsteps and covers my travels and thoughts as I visited each of the seven homes I lived in as a child.
The journey takes me to Toledo, Ohio, and Brown City, Michigan. Then Back to Toledo for a short period before heading to Dayton, Ohio. After Dayton my final destination is Vandalia, Ohio.
Each location has special meaning to me and was instrumental in shaping my life's philosophies. My father's footsteps led the way for me and provided the foundation on which I grew into adulthood.
It's a story with parts never before shared with anyone. It's time for me to tell these things without reserve.

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Footsteps Book CoverDue out in summer/fall 2012this book details life as it was in the 1940s and 1950s when you could leave your door unlocked 24 hours a day.

From my birth until I left for college, I lived in seven homes as my father moved in search of success and fortune. He never found his fortune and died poor. But he did find success although he didn't realize it.

In 2008, more than 50 years after leaving the last of my seven childhood residences, I launched by motorcycle in search of each of them. Every one of them had memories of my father's successes and I wanted to find and remember all he had been to me and his family and friends.

I found every one of the houses including the small place in Toledo where I was born. I'm hoping to provide a narrative that will enrich and entertain the reader. My goal is to write a story that will survive time just as the houses that give rise to the story have survived over the years.