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Best read a little at a time to avoid going insane, this book will give you many opportunities to groan. Some of the stories may even make you laugh out loud.












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Groan And Bear It

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Groaner Book CoverThis is a one of a kind book that will give you much pleasure. If you like puns and other word play with the English language, you will love this book. If you have fallen prey to a 'Groaner' in the past, this is your source for material to get even. If you love to hear others groan in pleasurable discomfort at a 'punny' story, this book will feed your efforts for many weeks.

There are more than 310 'Groaners' in this book and each one of them is presented in a single page. You will be able to embellish all of them and make them last forever, if desired. Or you can keep them short and sweet. However you decide, you will enjoy this book from beginning to end.

In addition to single page 'Groaners', there are many one-liners for your enjoyment and further development. The puns provided can be worked into a story of your own creation that will cause your listeners to audibly express their displeasure. Or you can simply enjoy them in the privacy of your own thoughts.

356 pages with illustrations that accompany each groaner. You can read a couple of the 'groaners' HERE.

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This book is also available on Amazon.com, Kindle, BarnesandNoble.com, Nook, and Google Play.