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"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book!  I sat here by the pool on Sunday and couldn't put it down..."

"The book is great and you tell the story so well that it feels like I was right with you on the trip.  1 plus!!  A quality job by a quality person."

"It is a great adventure and a wonderful descriptive by an author who has the knack of putting you right in the saddle such that you can enjoy, as we did, ALL the miles and smiles of friends and all that this great country of ours has to offer. How beautiful it is in all it's majesty!"

"Great writing. Great stories. It is a beautiful publication, quality paper, great photos, quality printing and finish work.... Outstanding all the way around."

"I just finished reading about your ride -- felt as though I was riding with you all the way. Actually, was kind of sad when you and Jake parted company as you neared the trail's end. Great story of a great trip -- great tribute to the Thunderbirds, but greater tribute to our Country and to those of us who served to protect that greatness."

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Phantom Memories: In Search Of Thunderbird F4Es

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Phantom Book COverThis 286 page book chronicles my exciting motorcycle trip to visit all of the nine remaining F-4E Phantom II fighter aircraft that were assigned to the Thunderbird Squadron during my two year tour with the team in 1970-1972. The trip covered nearly 8,000 miles on two wheels from coast to coast through 16 states. Filled with over 85 color pictures on high quality paper, the book details the vistas, events and thoughts that constantly bombarded my senses along the way. It also contains inside information about events never before told as well as significantly more detail Phantom Memories Back Coverthan I could ever include in the journals while on the road.

This copy of a portion of the back cover of the book gives a good overview of what you will find inside. Additionally, you can read a section of this book by going HERE.

It's a great trip book with insights and commentary that will make you believe you are along for the ride from page to page. The scope of the trip and the grandeur of the nation I served and love is profound.

The reviews in the sidebar to the left are only a few of the comments I have received concerning this book. Roadbike Magazine featured this book in their publication. You can read their review HERE and read the article HERE.

I had fun riding and writing about this trip and many others have enjoyed it as well. You should enjoy the read as much as they have.

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This book is also available on Kindle, Nook, and Google Play.