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From the moment you enter the book you are swept back more than a quarter century to the sounds, smells, culture and anxieties that surrounded military service in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Walk over a coble stone street in the small city circle, push through the swinging doors of the favorite watering hole of a small group of Air Force pilots enmeshed in a web of intrigue and danger. Many of the issues wovcn into this tale of political pressures, clashing cultures and military loyalties are as fresh as today’s headlines -- and are still entrenched in our gut. The story also takes you through the experience of a deep and precious love that was to last for a lifetime and the result is an exciting story that keeps running through your mind as you face the challenges of the 21st century. Did it happen? Could it have happened? You decide! Get a copy and come on in -- and be ready for a global ride of suspense.

Colonel Dick Conaway, USAF (ret.)

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Sing Me No Sad Songs

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Songs Book CoverThis novel is about a young Air Force pilot on secret duty in Laos after the February 1973 cease fire, who, after the shoot down and capture of his best friend by the Communist Pathet Lao, devises and executes an unauthorized rescue attempt. However, it is more than just a war story and this one sentence can't tell it all. It is also the story of one man's attempt to overcome his own weaknesses and the political and bureaucratic obstacles in his way. Although set in Southeast Asia, it is not a story about Vietnam. Instead, it is a story about Americans, their problems, their government, and their hopeless entanglement in a secret war in a much misunderstood country.

I am quite familiar with the geography and events in this book from my tour in Laos during the period this story takes place. Many of the events actually took place such as General Thao Ma's coup attempt. Many of them could have happened, and perhaps they did, during our involvement in Laos. In some cases the truth will never be known.

You can bank on this book telling it like it was and giving you some insight into an often misunderstood aspect of the effort in Southeast Asia that some now apologize for. It won't help you there. But it may help you understand why we don't need to apologize ever for trying to give others a chance at the freedom we all take for granted.

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